Thursday, April 9, 2009

The Running Mama Rules

It has been almost three years since my first run with Jerri. In that time...

We have covered more miles than lie between Houston and New York City.

We have talked over 500 hours.

We have resolved the following issues: the best school for Jerri's girls to attend, the name of my second son, what we want to be when we grow up (Jerri=esthetician, Andi=writer), how to hide vegetables in non-yucky food, a color for my living room walls, what to buy our husbands for Christmas, how long one can run while pregnant (20 weeks until your back gives out!), our hormone imbalances, the best discipline techniques at every age level (up to ten anyway...), and of course our God, how He is the center, the everything, even when we just don't get Him at all.

While I was pregnant with my second son Jerri ran slower with me until I couldn't run anymore. Then Jerri walked with me until I couldn't walk either. Then Jerri swam with my pouting, super-sized self until I almost gave birth while we ate lunch one afternoon.

We have laughed and run, wept and run, been silent and run, prayed and run. We have prayed so hard that we stopped running, laid hands on each other and cried.

This is why I love running. On the quiet, dark road I am not alone. I have the sweetness of other feet thumping beside me, around every bend, over every hill. One pair wears worn Asics with double-knotted laces. The other pair I can't see, but He is always in front showing us where to go.

The Running Mama Rules:
Running Mamas Have Little Feet Who Need Them Around
  • Never wear headphones on the road. (You cannot hear cars.)
  • Run against traffic. (We have dodged into the ditch many times when a driver didn't see us.)
  • Be blinky. (We use little finger lights they sell at Halloween. They strobe!!)
  • Wear bright clothes. (We have reflective belts and arm bands. If you don't feel like a dork, you are not visible enough.)
  • Carry a phone.
  • Never run alone.


  1. This is the end of the formal story, but I will periodicaly post about adventures of Jerri and Andi for all you Running Mamas. Thanks for sticking with me. It was way longer than I meant for it to be...

  2. Georgeanne gave me your blog address...hope that's okay. I really enjoy all your posts, but have to say, your running series is my top fav! It makes me want to be a runner again (right now I'm an aerobic instructor)...I could do both, right?

  3. Great Rules. However, I break your #1 rule everyday. I have to run with my iPod. I try not to have it up loud, because I do want to hear the car that's about to run me over. :)

    Jerri sounds like a great partner. Have you ever read Kristin Armstrong's blog? You guys write similar. I think you'll enjoy her writing, if you don't already read it.

  4. Oh here is the link for KA's blog...

  5. I love it, please post more. You keep me going in my quest to run a 5K! My partner and I used to walk at 5:15 in the morning, we now walk of the evening (grand mother term), Anyway, We called 911 once, because we saw "suspicious" behavior....too funny.

  6. Andi, I am so enjoying reading your running stories! It makes me want to go run somewhere, nevermind that I've never run a mile in my life. Thanks for sharing it with us :)

  7. This post made me wish I was a runner - and wish I had a great friend to run with too!

  8. I love the way you write.

    That's all I wanted to say.

  9. I needed some inspiration, so I'm re-reading. Just ran a 10 K with Summer and want to go find a warm place to curl up and die....

    Okay, not that bad but close.

  10. I do run with tunes no matter what, but I only use one ear bud. Mostly because only one of them currently works, but also because it's safer. Ahem.

  11. Good, good. I didn't know you'd written rules first... I just recorded a few of my own. You ought to check them out.